About the club


About six or seven years ago a handful of people who loved painting met regularly in one of their homes. The word soon spread, the numbers grew and that's when it became an art club and moved to the larger premises of St Michael's Hall, Church Brough.

Today, for an annual subscription of £10 and a weekly fee of £2, the professional, amateur or leisure artist [minimum age 16] may sit quietly and paint/draw or, alternatively, they may join in with the enthusiastic artistic conversations - the choice is theirs. It's amazing how many tips and knowledge are shared via this lively chatter.

Nuts and Bolts

The club meets each Thursday from around 9.15am on, so arrival time is very flexible. Some breeze in late, some rattle out a couple of paintings per week, others work painstakingly on one piece for weeks - whatever's your pleasure!

Coffee, tea and biscuits are obtainable on tap for a nominal charge of 30p. Members take turns to provide milk and wash the tea towels. We have one annual AGM at which things like workshops, exhibitions, cash in the bank and key posts - e.g. secretary and treasurer - are addressed.

There are a couple of highly valued and doughty volunteers who see to it that the hall is unlocked/unlocked, meters read, and the tables are set out ready for the creation of masterpieces.


The club has a well-stocked cupboard with easels, boards, paper etc. all freely available.


Each year the events' volunteers present the club with a programme of monthly activities. These are in addition to the normal Thursday meetings and comprise professional artist-led workshops or en plein air visits for which a fee is charged. These last a full day, usually on Mondays or Fridays.


Currently, we exhibit once per year around Easter time in the Masonic Hall, Kirkby Stephen. This is a high point in the calendar for the club.

The members are friendly, welcoming, very informal, creative and, most of all, love art.

NB - There is currently a limit to membership numbers - please contact us for further information.

Also, an experimental evening meeting from 7pm to 9.30pm begins this September 2014 - please contact Karen McSkimming for further details - kcrae@mypostoffice.co.uk